Field Trip to Virtual Ability

For my first field trip I decided to go to the Virtual Ability Island. I thought this was a great way to familiarize myself with Second Life. The purpose of this space was to educate those using it and it did a great job with this. The first thing I did when I got there was to go through the orientation which showed me all the basic and important things I needed to know to navigate my way through Second Life. I learned to fly, sit, open boxes, buy items, change my avatar’s outfit, etc. This site told me immediately when I entered what the purpose of it was and it communicated it throughout with the signs that guided me along.
On this island I hear many natural sounds that you would expect to hear on an island. I hear lots of birds, whooshing when I fly, typing when I am chatting with Bob the Monkey, among other things. The sounds fit very well and enhanced the environment the Virtual Ability Island was trying to create.
There was a lot for my avatar to do on this trip. There were many experiences that my avatar could partake in to learn more about the virtual world as a whole. My avatar danced, she learned how to fly and land in a specific location, she chatted with a monkey, she bought scarves at the freebie store, and learned how to open boxes and take pictures.
This trip made Second Life seem more accessible to me. I learned a lot of things 

that I need to use each time I enter the virtual world, and without them I would most likely be pretty immobile. I think overall the site was very well set up, easy to use, and I think everyone should visit it when they first join Second Life to help them become better acquainted.
In the field trip, I came across a pond with butterflies and when I clicked on them they lit up  and it send me a confirmation saying I found the butterflies. I also found a dance floor and my favorite dance my avatar did was the YMCA. Then, I came to the flight cage and when I successfully landed my avatar on the bull’s eye stars fell from the top of the screen. Next came the chatting monkey. I said hello and asked what kind of monkey he was and Bob replied, “I’m a virtual monkey, what kind are you?” Then, I got a box and when I opened it, I got a camera and a straw hat. The final destination of my trip was the freebie store and I bought some scarves for free.

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