Project Girl

Project Girl Performance Collective is a way for girls to find their voice. In 2008, Project Girl was founded by Ashley Marianaccio and Elizabeth Koke. The two decided to start this project after auditioning for a festival that focused on the importance of women’s work in the theater.

The Project Girl website explains this project more in depth. Their mission is to “use theater as a vehicle to empower young women to become brave, confident, socially conscious leaders while exploring their own challenging circumstances.” (Girl Be Heard) The program allows girls to actively be a part of the whole process. Girls are allowed to submit their own work, such as written stories or songs, and as a group the girls will turn it into a production.

Currently the Girl Be Heard group consists of over a dozen females. The group holds auditions each year for 12-21 year olds. The girls can audition by preparing “a short written piece about [their] life or anything that shows who [they] are and the issues [they] care about”. Isabella Olaguera, a member since 2011 said, “I hope to inspire others through my work with Girl Be Heard and voice issues that are relevant to girls both nearby and worldwide.” (Girl Be Heard)


(The Girl Be Heard group)

The next production from this group will take place in June. They will premiere 9mm America, the show “explores America’s culture of violence as it affects ten young women. A documentary theatre piece devised from direct experience with gangs on the streets of East New York to the shooting death of a sibling in Boston, 9mm America is a call to action to demand an end to gun violence.” (Girl Be Heard)

This group helps highlight the importance of coming together to stand up for what you believe in. Chances are there are many people who can benefit from your voice. If you believe in what you do and you stand by it, amazing thing can and will happen. Just look at Ashley and Elizabeth. The two came together with an idea they believed in and now they have a nationally recognized organization that travels all over the country to perform.

In the video above and all over the Girl Be Heard website, and even in their name, you see the main point of this whole thing and what we each should strive for, the opportunity to give a voice to those who don’t have one or to those who cannot be heard.


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