Final Thoughts

Looking back on the past semester I have been subject to many different topics, some that were right on track with my own thoughts and some that forced me to really think. Overall, I think my ideas and beliefs have not been changed by this women’s studies class, but rather it has encouraged me to do a better job standing up for what I believe in.

A big part of the feminist movement is coming together and utilizing the power of voice to achieve a common goal as I talked about in my previous blog Iron Jawed Angels; I believe that this is a lesson everyone can learn whether or not they are a feminist. Everyone has the power to make a huge difference in the world and the first step is making your voice be heard.

One topic that struck me hard was the topic of sweatshops. I remember learning about sweatshops in elementary school and middle school when we learned about the immigrants coming to America and shortly after the start the Industrial Revolution. I thought with the modernization of America that was the end of the story for sweatshops, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Little did I know that they are happening all around the United States and they span throughout the rest of the world.  In my blog 100 years later, has anything changed? I read two articles on sweatshops, one in New York that happened over 100 years ago, then at a more recent one in Bangladesh last year.  Each one tolled more than 100 deaths due to unsafe working conditions that were known and could have easily been fixed. In a more recent blog, Sweatshops in America, I focused on the United States to see if we still had sweatshops. Sadly the answer is yes, but the only good thing is that they are not necessarily the same as they once were. Maybe, by bringing this issue back into focus, we will be able to make even greater strides to obliterating any sign left of sweatshops.

This class has really made me open my eyes to see the problems of the world and has encouraged me to make a difference. Whether it just results in an inner change or one that makes an impact on the world, it will make a difference! Now get out there and do something, stand up for a cause you believe in. Don’t just sit back and watch the world change, go out and do it yourself.


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